Audio CD Masters

Analog Audio CD Mastering Setup Help.

Check List For Sending Your Music Master CD:

  • 1. When you send us your songs for mastering you should NEVER compress or normalize the final main (stereo buss) outputs before transfering to CD or DAT!, or even making a wav file!!!

  • 2. Your levels should be between -3 to -6 db, any higher and we may not have enough headroom to work the songs properly! In other words, don't worry about sending a loud mix, please leave that task to us! Keep your final audio WITHIN the bright blue area of image.

  • 3. Never EVER...send songs that have already have mastering, or pre-mastering done to them!

  • 4. PLEASE DO NOT burn your CDs faster than 8X and make sure you use high quality media! Higher Burn Speed causes errors! ALSO - NO Paper Labels!

  • 5. Master CDs must not be over 73 Minutes.

  • 6. We prefer CD-R format OR wav files on CDR. 16 or 24 bit only, non-dithered. Please check your Master carefully for errors/skips BEFORE sending!

  • You may have heard that a "HOT" CD will sound better on radio...That is simply not true. CDs that are super loud can actually sound weak and thin on radio because radio stations run the music through compresser- limiters. When the station plays a super HOT CD the sound get's squashed even more and will usually end up sounding thin and weak.

    We can make the CD sound louder through careful equalizing and limiting of the mix to give it more perceived loudness and punch. Your music will sound much better this way!

    Several customers have told us that our mastering sounded better than companies that charged them $400 or more. Yet our prices are half of that for advanced mastering. Don't believe it? Get One Song Mastered and see for yourself, we do quality mastering with a warm, rich analog sound!

    Here is our deal:

    Let us master your CD, if you are not happy with the results, contact us within 3 days of receiving your master and tell us what you want changed. We will remaster your CD one additional time according to your changes at no additional cost!

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