Audio CD Masters

Mixing and mastering of your song on 100% analog equipment! We do it right, and at very competable prices!

Below is an example of a song I mastered for an Argentinian client of mine. The song was not recorded in a pro studio. The first sample is the song stems as recieved. Second sample is after I did a bit of mixing then mastering the song. If wav files do not play, right click to download them:

If you do not have decent home stereo speakers hooked up to hear the samples then you will not hear the REAL difference mastering makes! In such a case I suggest you burn the wave files to CD and listen on a good home stereo! Computer speakers will not do justice to our mastering quality!

Wave Files - Right Click To Download:

Song as received.wav

Mastered Sample.wav

320 kbps MP3 Files:

Click play button to start, click again to stop.



As you can hear, the un-mastered version is sort of dull sounding and muffled. I was able to bring certain instruments out giving the song new life and volume.

Here is a sample of a video cover song I mixed and mastered:

"Ghost Of A Chance Video"

This is just a few example of what I can do for your band's mix and mastering! Prices below:

Mixing and mastering of your song, up to 24 tracks.

Contact Me with how many songs you need mixed and or mixed and mastered.
I will send you an invoice to pay via Paypal.

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