Audio CD Masters

Analog Audio CD Mastering and Mixing Services.

CD Mastering Audio Audio CD Music Mastering is the process of editing and enhancing audio on high end equipment to improve the sound and loudness of a CD. It will make the difference between your album sounding Demo or Pro. CD Mastering is a required final step before having your CD manufactured or offering digital downloads. We only do analog cd mastering, as it is much better sounding than digital / computer audio processing.

Music Mastering When you hear a song on radio or a record store CD, you may have noticed that your own music is not as rich and full. This is because ALL commercial CDs are mastered! We master your project using high end analog or digital audio equipment which will give your music the quality sound it deserves!

CD Mastering Wanting the "Big Label Sound?" Big sound begins with a good recording so If your music was poorly recorded then mastering may not help you. Give us a good recording and we'll give you back a great sounding master! We'll give you more punch, clarity, and loudness - sounding professional!

Analog Mastering We can master all styles: Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Punk, Reggae, Country, Metal, Spoken Word, Orchestral, etc.

Mastering tech Dave Williams has 19 years experience in music production, mixing, and mastering. A musician of over 43 years playing drums, guitars, bass, percussion, and keys! Put your product in our hands, you'll be happy with the results! Dave not only has the technical experience, but first hand knowledge as a player of music as well, and in many styles to boot!

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